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Automation Consultancy

Uncover every opportunity for automation and take your enterprise beyond what you knew was possible

Team with our workflow automation consultants to free your people to perform more strategic work

Automation unlocks the potential of your people. The more repetitive tasks that can be automated, the more your team can focus their talents on higher-level strategic work. However, finding more ways to automate may not be the highest priority on your to-do list. Fortunately, we’ve got you covered.

OpCon Automation Consultancy puts our experts at your site, discovering new possibilities for automation to empower your people and impact your business for the better.

You can engage our workflow automation consulting services for a specific project, such as a major software upgrade or bringing a new vendor into the fold. Or we can conduct an Enterprise Automation Review, where our automation consultants take a holistic look at your day-to-day operations to uncover the best opportunities for automation.

Capitalize on our automation expertise

Whether you’re implementing OpCon for the first time or looking for ways to make your existing platform work harder, our business automation consultants are your best resource.

We live and breathe workload automation and know OpCon inside and out.

We’ve gained extensive experience across multiple functions and industries. No matter what issue you may be facing, chances are we’ve seen and solved it before. Engage our experienced automation consultants and you’re tapping experts who understand the idiosyncrasies of your industry and know how to build the most effective automation solution for your business.

Gain consultation consistency

The automation consultants assigned to your company tend to stay with your business. Whether you engage us often or seldom, we’ll build a relationship with you. Whenever you call us, you’ll typically work with an automation consultant you know, a true partner who is already up to speed on your business and ready to start solving your next assignment immediately.

Let our automation consultants manage OpCon, so your team can focus on driving the business

Automation consultancy aims our expertise at specific targets — finite projects designed to push the promise of automation as far as it can go in your enterprise. Still, many of our clients want automation services from OpCon experts on an ongoing basis, to ensure their platform is run exactly how it should be. Enter OpCon Managed Automation Services (MAS).

Having a dedicated SMA Technologies automation engineer allows you to turn all OpCon administration over to the people who built it, who know it inside and out, and who know how to unleash the platform’s full potential.

Our software engineers become an extension of your IT team, fully dedicated to making the most out of your automation environment. You no longer need to hire, develop and dedicate valuable IT talent to managing OpCon. We’ve got you. One of our engineers will always be available to assist your business’s needs.

Explore how consultancy can push your business automation to its full potential

Bring in OpCon experts who can assess your operation and find every opportunity to empower your staff and drive your business.
Let us show you how we can help free your people from mundane, repetitive, error-prone tasks, so they can focus on higher-value work.