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Managed Automation Services

Leave OpCon administration to the people who built it, and free your IT pros for higher-level initiatives
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Overview of Managed Automation Services

Focus on your highest-value priorities while we take care of IT automation

OpCon automation is built to simplify all aspects of your enterprise. Yet, like any operational system, IT resources must be allocated to administering the platform. But you don’t have to hire, train and dedicate those resources. We’ve got you covered with Managed Automation Services.

Our managed automation service allows you to offload OpCon responsibilities to the experts who built the platform. You get experienced automation engineers who become an extension of your team, well integrated with your mandates and goals. They serve as your vigilant force, fully dedicated to managing everything OpCon, so you don’t have to channel the resources or invest in personnel to learn and maintain it.

With Managed Automation Services on board, we tend to OpCon while your own team is freed up to focus on higher strategic priorities that will further drive the business.

Smart automation support

Managed Automation Services makes sure every aspect of OpCon is optimized for your business. Whether you’re implementing OpCon for the first time or bringing us in to manage your existing environment, we will ensure everything is set up, guarded and maintained the right way.

Our experts become your go-to line of support, quickly handling any incidents or issues that arise to ensure your operations continue smoothly without interruption.

We offer a “hands off” option to fully manage your IT automation environment while still giving you the flexibility to perform simple day-to-day functions, such as pauses and restarts. Or elect for a “helping hand” approach where you can utilize our IT automation experts for specific needs, such as monitoring and maintaining specific workflows, or setting up advanced automation.

Build best practices for automation

Managed Automation Services is also a proactive resource. Our automation management experts will meet with your team regularly to review the results you’re achieving from existing automated workflows and look for ways to further liberate your business through new automation opportunities.

We have managed a multitude of OpCon environments across a wide range of functions and industries. Through that experience we have built an immense base of best practices for automation management — practices we can put in place to make your environment the best of the best.

You also can rely on us to be proactive in keeping your automation environment up to date on OpCon releases. When new features and improvements roll out, as a Managed Automation Services client you’ll be the first to benefit from them.

Strengthen your automation team without staffing up

Explore MAS resources

Free your IT team for higher-level initiatives

Product, Credit Unions, Cross-Industry

Learn how our experienced automation engineers can maximize the benefits of OpCon throughout the entire enterprise.

Improve quality of life and service with OpCon

Automation Benefits, Cross-Industry

OpCon automates repetitive manual processes, increasing efficiency, reducing error, and freeing up time to focus on projects that add business value.

Explore how Managed Automation Services can ensure automation success

Bring in the experts who know OpCon inside and out to administer, support, update and maintain your automation environment for you.
Let us show you how trusting your automation to our engineers can free your IT team for other strategic initiatives.