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With OpCon, migration success comes standard

Switching to OpCon couldn’t be easier. Just ask our current clients — all of them. We’ve migrated a multitude of companies to OpCon with a 100% success rate.

Make the switch quickly and easily

No matter which automation platform you’re currently running, we can help you switch to OpCon without a hitch. We’ll take you through a three-stage process to ensure a fast and seamless transition.

Prove the solution

  • Using sample data that you provide, we prove our solution in advance, showing you how your platform will look in OpCon and giving you confidence the job will be done right
  • We also show you proof of value, meeting with you to evaluate your pain points and how they will be alleviated by OpCon
  • Using our Workflow Migration Framework, we apply best practices built through years of experience to plan an automated cut over to the platform

Execute the solution

  • SMA experts will run your migration integrations, performing quality checks along the way to detect and resolve potential problems
  • If we encounter a workflow that would be better served through data transformation rather than straight conversion, we make the change — our ultimate goal is a final platform that’s 100% clean
  • After the cut over, we help you continue to transform your enterprise through automation, including supporting your administrator in becoming an OpCon Certified Professional

Support the solution

  • Once your OpCon platform is fully up and running, we stick with you, providing the technical and account support you need to continue to succeed
  • We offer basic and advanced training to make sure you’re getting optimal value from the solution and are equipped to extend the benefits of OpCon
  • Through our Managed Automation Services and Automation Consultancy offerings, we can bring OpCon expertise to your business so you don’t have to hire those capabilities in house

Let our experts help you push automation to its fullest potential

When you make the switch to OpCon, we ensure your team is trained up to run the platform successfully. But we don’t stop there. Our experts work with you in several ways to make sure you’re getting the most out of your OpCon solution.

Automation Consultancy

OpCon software engineers are available to consult with you on special projects to seize opportunities to make automation work harder for your enterprise. We find new ways to free your people from repetitive tasks so they can focus on driving the business.

Managed Automation Services

Our experts can manage your entire OpCon platform for you, allowing you to redirect your IT staff to higher strategic initiatives. We become an extension of your team, saving you the investment of hiring, training and dedicating resources to OpCon.

Tap into our expertise

We never stop working to find new ways to empower our clients through automation. When we explore, discover or develop something new, we’re enthusiastic about sharing this knowledge with you. Here are some of the ways you can tap into this expertise.

Let us show you how OpCon can spark extreme efficiencies across your enterprise

Reduce costs and boost productivity throughout your organization in a matter of weeks.
Schedule a demonstration to see how OpCon can replace repetitive tasks with automation and reduce your IT costs up to 50%.