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OpCon 18.3: Process mon­i­tor­ing tool Vision gets pow­er­ful new capabilities

OpCon's process monitoring tool Vision now has features that help automatically keep SLAs on track.

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Last updated
Jan 2nd, 2019

In our previous post, we announced the latest version of our business and IT automation platform, OpCon. This release, Version 18.3, features updates that improve security, efficiency, and flexibility for your OpCon environment – and the enterprise in general.

We also told you a little bit about the new-and-improved OpCon Vision, a powerful module that gives you a simple way of assessing and maintaining the health of your automated processes. This gives virtually anyone in your organization the ability to monitor processes, diagnose problems, and improve Service Level Agreements (SLAs).

Below is a quick look at key features and benefits that Vision can bring to your OpCon environment.

Key fea­tures of OpCon Vision

  • Real-Time dashboard (Comes standard with OpCon)
    The dashboard shows a real-time, top-level view of your automated processes with colored cards. This makes it easy to spot when something looks wrong. From there you can drill down to diagnose whatever is interfering with your automated processes.
  • SLA Monitoring (Available as a paid upgrade)
    SLAs are agreements between a service provider and an end-user as to what the end-user will receive and when. Vision gives you the power to closely monitor any SLA you choose.
  • Automated SLA prediction and maintenance (Paid upgrade)
    Vision really shows its power when it comes to SLA Prediction and Maintenance. Based on historical run-time data and its predictive model, Vision can alert anyone in your organization when an SLA is at risk. You can even automate recovery processes to get things back on track.

Learn more about OpCon

The OpCon workload automation platform is the simplest way to bring your systems, people, and processes together into a single point of control.

Ben­e­fits to your business

  • Simplify your OpCon interface
    The straightforward dashboard is easy to read, with clear color-based cards showing the health of your automated processes.
  • Increase organizational agility
    Because of its simplicity, Vision enables virtually anyone in your organization to quickly assess the health of your automated processes and take necessary actions when a problem occurs.
  • Improve SLAs
    With the upgraded version of Vision, you can virtually eliminate the risk of missing SLAs. Vision will predict any risks and can run recovery processes to correct mistakes.

Enhance your Vision and improve SLAs

If you’re a current OpCon user, you already have access to Vision’s real-time dashboard for automated processes. Want to see how you can power up Vision and OpCon even more?

Get an inside look at Vision, plus other OpCon 18.3 enhancements, by requesting a demo using the form below.

In this article

Learn about OpCon Vision, including what's new in the release of OpCon 18.3.

Download the brochure for OpCon Vision to learn about features and capabilities.


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