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IT teams are faster, more efficient, and less stressed with OpCon automation
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Accel­er­ate dig­i­tal trans­for­ma­tion through work­load automation

Automate repetitive tasks so you can focus on projects that drive your business forward. OpCon workload automation enables you to create repeatable, reliable workflows and manage them from a single platform. And because it integrates systems, applications, and people across the enterprise, OpCon accelerates digital transformation.

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What can you do with OpCon?

Below are just a few of the ways the OpCon workload automation tool can help you accelerate digital transformation and business growth.

Manage workflows

Unite disparate technologies such as cloud, virtualization, and IoT into efficient, functional workflows driven by any event.

Remove IT complexity

The responsive OpCon Self Service interface allows workflow automation with a simple click, by any employee on any network enabled device.

Integrate globally

Achieve platform consistency and simplicity across global enterprises, eliminating the need for 24/7 or localized staff.

Enhance security and governance

Manage users via ADS or OpenLDAP to designate role-based privileges, secure data, and save all actions in audit trails.

Fully automate disaster recovery

Improve testing, reliability, and execution of the entire recovery process. OpCon integrates with your disaster recovery plan to meet your recovery time objective.

Capture, embed knowledge directly into smart tasks

Knowledge is captured and forever embedded in the workflows, reducing onboarding and training costs.

Scale the business

Add new environments. Replicate workflows. Integrate new processes. OpCon can easily scale from thousands to millions of tasks per day.

Simplify auditing and reporting

Capture information across all automated systems on standard or customized reports, which can then be packaged for auditors.

Work­load automa­tion with lim­it­less inte­gra­tions under one point of control

OpCon unites your entire enterprise under a single automation platform. From tools to applications, legacy systems to cloud, you’re able to streamline your workload automation and operate via one interface. And with only one simple system to learn, every employee is empowered and much less dependent on IT experts.

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Imple­ment work­load automa­tion at the speed of business

Easy to use, rapid deployment

OpCon enables DevOps principles to be applied to the orchestration of IT operations and service management and ultimately to the level of an enterprise-wide digital automation platform. You’re able to structure your systems around business-critical paths, reduce scripts by 87%* and reserve IT resources for high-level initiatives.

Our DevOps-friendly approach to workload automation enables:

  • Extensive out of the box connectors
  • Interoperability via API interface
  • Rapid process build via our Workflow Design Studio
  • Centralized script management
  • Self Service orchestration to start jobs for tests, refresh DB, patching, application release or business requirements
  • Proactive monitoring using SLAs focusing on critical processes

Intelligent migration to cloud and cloud automation

OpCon automation facilitates extreme business agility through migration from server platforms toward systematic automation in cloud architectures to achieve higher-level cost efficiency.

Expert assistance to ensure success

You will have an SMA Solutions workload automation expert working with you every step of the way to tailor the optimal solution for your business. Our consultant will conduct an Enterprise Assessment Review to guide the solution.

This process will:

  • Highlight automation silos
  • Identify duplication in automation products/knowledge
  • Identify risks
  • Identify automation targets
  • Quantify business value of automation
  • Build an Enterprise Automation Plan (EAP)
  • Find quick wins
  • Identify targets to accelerate automation deployment
  • Identify orchestration of existing processes

Migration framework

Whether you’re migrating from a rudimentary job scheduler application or a complex multi-source, multi-platform system, SMA Solutions has your conversion covered. Our Migration Framework, managed by automation experts will take you from accidental to planned and controlled operations with a single point of control.

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Unlock the full potential of your business and employees through SMA Technologies automation platform, OpCon. We automate complex workflows to help you drive operational efficiency.

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