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OpCon simplifies the execution of core Financial Institution operations

ACH processing, end of day processing, and share draft/checking account operations have to be reliable, repeatable, and scalable. The OpCon automation platform delivers on all three, ensuring your organization avoids costly manual errors and never misses a posting.
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Gain peace of mind through reliable, repeatable automation of critical business operations

Sleep easy knowing your critical operations are executed to standard every single time. OpCon is a full-spectrum automation platform, but we've specifically designed some of our features to better handle the following customer needs.

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ACH processing

  • Detect new files and initiate schedules automatically
  • Integrate seamlessly with connectors for Symitar, Fiserv, and Corelation
  • Handle exceptions with self-service automation
  • Maintain real-time visibility and an audit trail of every step

End of Day processing

  • Execute 24/7 lights out processing operations
  • Eliminate odd hours and late shifts
  • Install SLAs and guided recovery actions for maximum flexibility
  • Manage granular frequency and calendar options for any contingency
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Share Draft & Checking

  • Automate schedules to never miss a posting
  • Eliminate manual key-entry errors
  • Deliver a better user experience with faster processing
  • Coordinate ATM, mobile app, and in-person deposit operations

The OpCon workload automation platform gives you a bigger toolbox

You need more than another batch scheduler. OpCon gives your team the flexibility to easily create self-service automation workflows, deploy server updates, and monitor your entire system from a single interface with our no-cost modules.

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OpCon Self Service

Self Service empowers end-users and reduces IT requests. OpCon workflows are translated into a simple button interface, allowing non-IT personnel across the enterprise to trigger automated processes with a simple click.

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OpCon Vision

Vision provides a simple dashboard giving a high-level overview of automated processes. It can also be upgraded to monitor SLAs and automatically take corrective action when SLAs are in jeopardy.

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OpCon Deploy

Deploy is a robust change-management system for OpCon, enabling users to make changes across environments without worry of interrupting business. It provides a key piece in the DevOps toolchain.

What can you do with OpCon?

Below are just a few of the ways the OpCon workload automation tool can help you accelerate digital transformation and business growth.

Unite disparate technologies such as cloud, virtualization, and IoT into efficient, functional workflows driven by any event.

The responsive OpCon Self Service interface allows workflow automation with a simple click, by any employee on any network enabled device.

Achieve platform consistency and simplicity across global enterprises, eliminating the need for 24/7 or localized staff.

Manage users via ADS or OpenLDAP to designate role-based privileges, secure data, and save all actions in audit trails.

Improve testing, reliability, and execution of the entire recovery process. OpCon integrates with your disaster recovery plan to meet your recovery time objective.

Knowledge is captured and forever embedded in the workflows, reducing onboarding and training costs.

Add new environments. Replicate workflows. Integrate new processes. OpCon can easily scale from thousands to millions of tasks per day.

Capture information across all automated systems on standard or customized reports, which can then be packaged for auditors.

OpCon integrates with almost any app, OS, or ERP

In addition to full-function integrations with Fiserv, Symitar, and Corelation core processing systems, OpCon has a full suite of agents and connectors for IBM i, z/OS, Unix, SAP, Infor M3, Docker, ServiceNow, and many more. Our REST API and Web Services Connector allow OpCon to run commands on almost any modern or legacy system.

Let's solve your challenges

OpCon can automate commands for most popular systems, and we are constantly working on new features.

Fill out the form and you'll be one step closer to resting easy with OpCon handling critical business operations.

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