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IT teams are faster, more efficient, and less stressed with OpCon automation
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Unlock the potential of your people to truly drive business

OpCon is a liberating force that sweeps through your organization, freeing your people from repetitive tasks so they can do the real work of running and growing the business.

It also frees your IT team. Too often IT professionals are preoccupied with responding to calls and fighting fires just to keep disparate platforms up and running. This low-value work keeps them focused on maintaining the status quo and prevents them from working on important initiatives that can truly elevate the enterprise.

OpCon automates repetitive tasks, greatly simplifying and limiting employees’ interaction with technical systems, so your IT people spend less time fixing issues and more time advancing the business.

Easier in every way

Many automation solutions actually add more complexity to IT processes that are already too complex. And the more complicated your processes, the busier IT gets administering the platform.

Then there’s OpCon — a refreshingly low-code, easy-to-deploy, easy-to-run solution. OpCon is simple in every way, yet it wields immense power in what it can do for your enterprise.

This insistence on simplicity goes to our very core. Our founders met at NASA, where they were working to solve some of the toughest IT issues in the world at that time. The work they were doing was rife with repetitive tasks, and it wasn’t long before they began to look for a better way. They formed SMA Technologies and developed OpCon.

Since then our single purpose has been to help companies use automation to simplify IT complexity and release their people from rote tasks, so they can take on greater challenges and drive business success.

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