OpCon 19.1

Rock the Dock - OpCon 19.1 is on Linux servers in a Docker container!

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26 Feb

Webinar: Leverage OpCon 19.1 to automate faster and increase productivity

Feb 26 - Feb 26

OpCon 19.1 introduces refinements to Deploy and Solution manager that increase visibility and navigability. Our development goal has been to not only improve OpCon’s capabilities, but also make it more user friendly to increase efficiency.

In this webinar we’ll take a deeper look at the upgraded capabilities of Deploy and Solution Manager and show how you can use them to your benefit.

We’ll also be going over how you can leverage OpCon in Docker containers to make enterprise application management and software deployment much simpler. We’ll speak specifically about what this brings to OpCon, as well as give a general overview of the benefits containerization has for IT teams.

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