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Upcom­ing Webi­na­rs — Please note that all webi­na­rs are pre­sent­ed in either Eng­lish or French

29 Apr

Webinar: Automating Resilience: How Companies can Harness Expertise

Apr 29 - Apr 29

How much have you invested in developing your workers so they can master your business processes? How challenging is it to replace those skills when they move to a higher position or leave the company?

SMA wants to help you create resiliency in your organization by automating as many of those processes as possible. It does more than simply preserve executable knowledge. It creates scalability.

In this webinar, we’ll cover:

• What kind of institutional knowledge you can automate
• How automation experts approach categorization and prioritization
• High Impact: Targeting low-hanging fruit for immediate benefits

Our presenter, Ben Demaree, Director of Product Management for SMA Technologies, is going to show you how to save work hours, reduce errors and what to tackle first.

There will be time allotted for Q&A. See you there!

06 May

Webinar: Resiliency is easy as ABC — Automate Business Continuity

May 6 - May 6

How much damage does it do if your services are down for more than five minutes? Our clients all have the same answer: too much. Ben Demaree, SMA’s Director of Product Management, would like to show you how to simplify your enterprise application management to create a more resilient, more cost-effective IT infrastructure.
In this webinar we’re going to highlight how to:

• Manage cross-app and cross-environment data integration
• Untangle the web of dependencies to create fewer points of failure
• Use workflow execution tools to empower non-IT users

Bring the questions that keep you up at night - there will be time allotted at the end for a Q&A session.

We look forward to seeing you there.

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