We imple­ment large-scale automa­tion projects on time with 5 steps

Our implementation process is designed to remove the risks and business disruptions in common with other IT automation platforms. Going-live with OpCon automation does not create a single big disruptive event; our experts ensure implementation goes smoothly.

Step 1: Discovery

Our implementation specialists work closely with you to understand your current platform, including your existing scheduling environment, your legacy processes, and other challenges you face across your enterprise. We create a clear picture of what’s been holding your business back and what you hope to gain from automation, so together we can build your platform for success.

Step 2: Design

Our experts formulate a plan to bring all of your current systems together onto a single platform of optimized workflows using OpCon automation. The plan may include consolidation of existing schedulers and legacy automation tools. Every part of the solution is designed to define and meet your success factors, such as simplifying and automating complex batch application workloads, improving SLAs, and deploying applications more efficiently.

Step 3: Develop

Next, we begin to put your plan into action, developing the tools and processes to fulfill our automation strategies. SMA Technologies experts may also develop custom migration programs to minimize human error and maximize the efficiency of the implementation. Our goal is to develop a solution that moves IT from a reactive entity to a nimble organization that supports change, agility and scale.

Step 4: Deploy

We provide expert installation, configuration, and training to ensure your OpCon automation deployment is successful from day one. Our experts make sure your people are ready to use the control interface to easily automate workflows and troubleshoot issues across the enterprise. Deployment is not the finish line. Your solution is developed not as an isolated project, but as an ongoing digital transformation that adapts and grows with you.

Step 5: Document

Documentation is embedded in OpCon automation, which means your entire knowledge base is retained and can naturally expand as your system changes. Your people are freed from repetition so they can focus on driving more business agility.

SMA Technologies has a 100% successful completion rate because we leave nothing to chance. You’re able to implement the platform quickly and fast-track your time to value.

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